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How to Care and Store

It is not necessary to wash the silk filling by hand or washing machine. As per About Silk , silk fiber is an anti-bacteria natural fiber with inherent ability to prevent molding and acarids. However, as a protein fiber, the silk filling and its special features may be affected by hot water and the heat from dryer.

What you need to do:

  • Use duvet covers and pillow cases to restore the healthy features of your silk filled beddings and pillows.

  • Wash duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets regularly.

  • Air under moderate sunshine without covers for 1-2 hours several times per year.

  • Gentle patting is helpful in rejuvenating the product's original loft for pillows, if you want, you can also place them into the dryer on tumble dry with no heat for a few minutes.
  • Professional dry clean by an experienced laundry is also recommended.

  • What you need NOT to do:

  • Wet Wash SilkybayŽ silk filled bedding products by hand or machine, and air with dryer in heat.

  • Leave the bedding products under strong sunshine for more than 1 hour.

  • Pack before it is completely dry and cool.

  • Pack with camphor balls.

  • Too much weight on top of the product.

  • Vacuum pack for too long.

  • Leave your storage area hot and wet.

  • In Silkybay, not only do we sell, but we also care.

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