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How to Verify the Quality?

We have noticed that there are many problematic silk filled bedding products with astonishing low prices in market to allure customers. SilkybayŽ silk beddings are all 100% mulberry silk filled top grade quality products with a criss-cross hand-layered floss. Please refer to a complete photo collection of SilkybayŽ manufacture in the Production Base. Please refer to the following table and figures when you purchase a silk filled bedding product.

This is the comparision between a good and a bad floss (the filling of silk duvets and silk pillows):

Good Floss

Bad Floss

Good Floss Bad Floss

  Silk Filling of SilkybayŽ Bad Silk Filling
Raw Material 100% mulberry top grade long silk filament Artificial silk fibers, blended silk fibers, tussah silk fibers, leftover immethodical mixture
Filling Color Pearl white with soft shine Dull yellow or bleach glare white
Layer More than 100 layers of floss layered by hand in a criss-cross pattern per duvet or pillow. Machine-layered, with cold hollows
Impurity Smooth and even on the whole filling without any following-outs when being shaked quickly. Dust-like fibers will follow down when quilt being shaked quickly.

In Silkybay, not only do we sell, but we also care.

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